Langkawi Sunset Cruise


The Langkawi Cruise package is available every day of the week to cater to your needs.

We know best when it comes to having a great time on the island. We specialize in cruises, be it cruising around the 99 islands and enjoying the picturesque views of the islands, and white sandy beaches whilst enjoying a delectable sunset dinner cruise to watching the sun go down on this magical island while you sip on a pina colada and dance into the night


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Affordable & Convenient

Couples may view our Langkawi Sunset Cruise package as a short romantic getaway; others may see it as a relaxing, toned-down evening of peace and quiet. Either way, our Langkawi Sunset Cruise package comes in an affordable price range for both adults and children to hop on board.

Get together with your partner or friends, and treat yourselves to an evening experience you will not regret. Allow us to introduce to you the stunning Langkawi sunset we promise will be talked about for a while. Book our Langkawi Sunset Cruise package now!


Salt Water Jacuzzi

As part of your experience with Tropical Charters’ Langkawi Sunset Cruise package, a net will be let down by the cruise for you to take a dip in the warm evening waters of the Andaman Sea. This saltwater jacuzzi adds a simple yet significant touch to the cruise ride as it allows you to strip down to your swimsuits and immerse yourself in the water while sipping on a glass of Piña Colada.

Isn’t it just wonderful to have such a relaxing evening being in motion with the waves, cradled in a net as the sun sets before you?