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Pangkor Island. Welcome to Gateway Pangkor Island. Originality of this beautiful island has become a tradition that is still maintained and preserved. Till today, the pristine beaches, and greenery of natural forest, making it a pleasure to the tourists who come here every day. Pangkor provides a range of accommodation from campsite, simple moderate chalet, apartments, homestay, and the star class resort. We also provide a variety of holiday options for you to choose from in this website.

Endowed with beautiful white sand, clear blue skies, crystal clear waters, wonderful coral reefs and flora and fauna…little wonder many people who visited Pangkor Island had great impressions about the place, calling it an island of paradise. It is even fitting that Pangkor Island is named as such from the Thai word “Pang Koh” which means “beautiful island”, considering the stunning landscape is proof of its beauty.

When To Visit Pangkor

You can travel to Pangkor all year round. Temperatures throughout the year are more or less the same, around 30-35°C during the day, and a bit lower at night, but it is still warm enough to enjoy all outdoor activities. Although Pangkor has two distinct seasons, wet and dry, because of its location, the island is a bit shielded from major storms, which means even the peak of the rainy season is not that bad, and you can expect nice weather, at times interrupted by short storms.

The best time, but also the most crowded time in Pangkor is between December and April when it rarely rains, but especially at the end of the dry season waterfalls can dry out and the forest is not so lush green. The rainy season is between August and November with the highest precipitation between September and October. As the weather on the island is really hot, and most of the activities take place near water, here are several essential things you should pack with you for visiting Pangkor.

A Brief History Of Pangkor Island

There is not much known about the origins of the inhabitants of Pangkor. The local inhabitants believed that the island was protected by the spirits, so they called Pulau Pangkor the Spirit Island. Another name for Pulau Pangkor in the old days was Dinding, which means 'screen' or 'partition'. This was in reference to the position of the island as it protects the mainland's estuary. Over the years the island was frequently visited by pirates who were roaming the seas around the island. They robbed boats in the Straits of Malacca and hide themselves on the hills on the island. The names of Batu Lanun meaning Pirates' Cave and Batu Perompak meaning Pirates' Rock echo the memory of the pirates. When the Dutch came in 1670, they build a Fort of which the remains still stand. Dutch records referred to it as the Dindings fort ('Dingdingh') - named after the Dindings River which it faced on the coast of the Peninsula.

Despite the presence of the fort the tin-smuggling continued. In 1690 the Dutch left since local leaders frequently attacked the fort. In 1743 the fort was rebuilt but the Dutch did not stay long. Soon after, early 19th century, the British came. With their arrival, the island was renamed to Pulau Kera meaning Monkey Island. There's still many monkeys on the Pangkor. Later Pulau Kera was renamed into Pulau Aman (Peaceful Island) and then into Pulau Pangkor (Beautiful island).The fort was abandoned after it was attacked by a local warrior, Panglima Kulub, and his followers.

What Is The Attraction Of Pangkor Island?

So, what can you do at Pulau Pangkor? You can go to one of the beaches and enjoy the tropical sun. But in the heat of the day, you may want to hire a boat for sea fishing or jet skiing. Don't forget to bring your snorkel, they can be rented at the hotels.  Pangkor Island is located just off the coast of North West Malaysia. This Malaysian island is about 300 km North from the country capital Kuala Lumpur. Pangkor Island is about 200 km South of Penang and 70 km South-West of Perak's capital Ipoh.

Pangkor Town. The main town on Pangkor Island, is located on the east coast. It is a small town and only have one street. There's a range of duty free shops, souvenir shops, dried seafood shops, coffee shops and few restaurants along the street. Some of the best food you will find in the local stalls and local restaurants.